Saturday, May 5, 2012


Ok So I had my first break-down last week since being an ex-pat (well aside from the scooter incident). For the last 2+ weeks my Buddha has been sick, then I got sick and it was awful, all Buddha did was cry all the time not sleeping etc and I thought it was teeth (which it was), but my 3 boys suffer terribly with teeth, ear infections, cold, coughs, high fevers, irritability so I really feel for them.

So it wasn’t a great week, and on top of this Zed had SO SO much work on that he was at the office till 6.30-7.00pm every night (this would be totally fine IF I wasn’t having such a sucky week). And then out of the blue, Zed is told that he is off to Germany in 1 week :( Great opportunity for him, and he was so excited, I on the other was not ha ha ha let me explain why.....

Zed and I had had discussions about me and the kids going back home for a visit and leaving him here in Balikpapan, Which he was NOT at all impressed with he reckoned "if I have to be here working then you should have to be as well" I can totally see his point, so I had not asked to go anywhere without him (we like to spend all our time together anyway). (And this trip is for work)

So here we are he gets told "off to Germany for 3 weeks". OMG!!!!
1st thought, "how jealous I was"
2nd thought "I want to go home"
3rd thought was "we are coming"

Being a business trip I knew we went going. So I looked for cheap flights home, argh such short notice it’s expensive as.... we just don’t have that kind of money ATM. :( So I had accepted the fact that I was going to stay in Balikpapan for 3 weeks without my man!

So Zed was flying out on Sunday and we hadn’t seen him at dinner time ALL week, and then Friday night comes, the first day he has finished at a decent hour and you know what he does....yep you guessed it the PUB.
Well now I was rope able, furious, ahhhhh here I was with a screaming sick Buddha, feeling like death warmed up he was leaving in 2 days to go away for 3 weeks...........and he thought it was appropriate to go to the pub?
WELL we talked about it and it was sorted, (we don’t dwell on things, get them out and sorted and move on).
Saturday I thought awesome we can have a WHOLE day to do family things. UMMM nope have to go to the office.

So Saturday I broke down, ha ha ha now looking at it I TOTALLY over reacted, BUT in my defense I was sick, had a sick kid and hadn’t had any quality time with my best friend/husband for a week. And had to evict a tenant that hadn’t paid rent in 3-4 weeks! My mum going back into hospital wasn’t a great week.
The twins were amazing threw this week and so helpful and well behaved (most of the time) so that was handy-but they don’t muck up much anyway.

So Sunday came and there were tears, lots and lots of tears..... I know it may sound weird to some but I love spending time with my husband, we spend nearly every second we can together, and we love spending time as a family! If I didn’t like my husband's company I wouldn’t be with him!

So anyway Zed is having an awesome time in Germany learning lots, after a horrible start to the trip, he lost his phone-gone forever, and the airline lost his luggage-which he got back a day later.

We are doing ok the boys keep asking when is daddy home, but we are counting down the days on the calendar, and trying to keep busy.

It’s funny he use to leave us for 5 weeks at a time but we are just so use to having him home all the time that it makes it harder.
 But it’s always harder for the people that get left behind and don’t go away!

But we have found some great friend here in Balikpapan and lots of things to do, Boof and master T signed up for aus-kick yesterday they had a great time, Boof saved 2 goals, and Master T kicked 1 goal... oh so PROUD mummy!

It is really good here for the kids to get into sport, it’s not as expensive as in OZ it’s not CHEAP here but Cheaper than OZ so it’s really good that they can try LOTS of different sports, then when we return home they will know what they really love and what they are good at! :)

I’m really impressed with what they are learning, here they have an ex pat teacher and 2 teacher aids in their class and only 10 students so they don’t get looked over or missed in their class. Their reading is just phenomenally improving-crazy!

So really LIFE is good here in Balikpapan they say it takes you about 6 months to get settled and we are getting close to that now so we are starting to get settled!

Tash xx

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