Monday, June 4, 2012


Ok so I think I’ve been doing really well, 1 trip out of here since we got here in November, spent xmas here, spent mother’s day without my husband cause he spent nearly 1 month in Germany for work, me and the kids stayed in Borneo.

I tried to get out of here, ha ha, Germany, Australia, Malaysia hahaha but nope too expensive and we are here to save.

The twins have school holidays coming up-4 weeks (when I was a kid we never got 4 weeks off in the middle of the year) so I thought good time to take them home see Grandma, both their nanas, and all their friends- perhaps a early birthday party?

So I’ve been searching flights- Balikpapan -Brisbane easy!!! Around $3000. BUT Brisbane to Townsville an incredible $1000........
HERE IS MY WINGE: why is it that any other country you can zip from here to there for cheap? Why is Australian national flying so ridiculously expensive?

So I keep checking ALL the airlines in hope that a special will come up hahaha haven’t been so lucky as yet- Virgin blue  Just under $800, Qantas just over $1000, Jet star just under $800.

So to fly Balikpapan to Singapore, its roughly the same distance, (actually Brisbane - Townsville is shorter) it wouldn’t even cost me $400, so I ask what is the difference, the planes are equipped the same, same amount of staff, maybe more for Balikpapan - Singapore cause its actually an international flight.

They both provide meals, luggage is the same.
USA, Europe, and Asia they all have really cheap internal flights.

 Just another thing we Aussies pay way too much for. :(

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