Saturday, July 21, 2012

Children and Accidents

So our boys are very much boys, they ride motorbike, the run a hundred mile an hour, they play lots of sport, and never slow down.

So like any normal full on child they always have bruised chins stubbed toes, scrapped knees and elbows.

So Buddha following the tradition of his big brothers RUNS everywhere, never walks, the other night I said to Zed, will you be right playing with Buddha for a hour while me and the big boys go to the gym (in our complex)? He said yeah we will be fine. So the big boys and I jogged up to the gym, I had done one exercise and there is a knock at the door.

Opened it up and here is Zed and Buddha standing there, covered in blood. Oh my god, what happened? Zed nearly in tears tells me "Buddha and me where playing chase around the lounge room" (a daily activity in our house) "and he tripped on the doona behind the lounge and head butted the coffee table".

The doonas we have behind the lounge because it’s freezing in our house we have aircon 24/7 and the stupid little coffee table I only moved there the other day. :(

So we all had blood everywhere by the time we got home, he probably could have done with a few stitches but Zed and I made up some homemade butterflies stitches and pulled it together and it came together pretty well.

Master T did the same thing when he was a little older, head butted Grandmas window sill had to have a few stitches in the exact same place, so they will have the same scar same size and shape.


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