Saturday, July 21, 2012


Well welcome back- I’m so sorry IV been slack over the school holidays. We went to OZ on spare of the minute holiday home.

Was great to see everyone, and the kids loved to see grandma & nanas, and we all loved to see our dog KIA. We all love and miss her like crazy...... :( We went out a lot and ate a lot of yummy Oz food.
We bought back close to 3 suitcases of food etc. I got a yogurt maker which I LOVE it’s amazing and easy!

I recommend everyone that has kids no matter where you live should have one!

Its funny when you go home you think that it’s all going to be wonderful, and like a holiday and everyone is going to love seeing you and put things aside to spend time with you because you have been away for so long-but it isn’t like that, well some people. It shows you who your REAL friends are.

So while I was home the same old people started the same old childish crap that goes on and it actually shows you how much you like to be an expat away from it all!

I missed my maid like crazy while on holidays (even though I had my mum and mother in-law doing everything) you get so use to having someone basically walking 2 steps behind you picking up after you-we make the kids still do "chores" because I still think they need to learn to do things for themselves.

I think for the kids and yourself it is important to have an "actual" holiday when you have your break. You have to reward yourself and the kids for the sacrifices you are all making.

So next break we are taking the kids to Singapore, there is SO much to do there, day/night Zoo, universal studios, water parks, elephant sanctuary, lots and lots! So I’m really looking forward to that! :)


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