Friday, July 3, 2015

People deal with loss in so many different ways.

Hey there,

Well just an update from our last post about our horrible miscarriage of lil oopsy.

So after a few weeks of crying at the drop of a hat, walking trough the nappy isle, seeing other people with babies, commercials on TV, I can finally control myself and not cry over everything to do with babies.

Don't get me wrong I am so thankful for the family we have, I am even more so now after what we went through, I mean we have 3 gorgeous, healthy, smart, talented boys whom we are so very proud of.  The thought that something could have gone wrong and we might not have one of them brings tears to my eyes.

The thing I don't get is no-one ever talks about loosing babies before they are born, its like it has to be a secret and to deal with that all alone would be awful. Now I'm a very open person, and I understand others are not so much, but I seriously don't think I could have managed to get through as well as I did without the support of all our friends and family... And it make me sad to think some woman go through it alone and then not to talk about it as it is a debut subject is CRAZY to me.

Anyway, so when i arrived back in Australia my mummy and i went off to get some ink at Im so happy with the work.

My Tattoo to remember our Lil Oopsy. <3
My Mum's Tattoo for Lil Oopsy 

                                                Anyway, so people ask me what about when your old and the Tattoo's don't look any good? Well my answer comes in 2 parts, 1, at 80 years old am i really going to care what they look like? 2, my body will show good times and bad, loss and gain, happy things and sad things to remind me of what a great life i have lived. 

Ok well thats a Goodbye from me for now. 
Mumma_T xx


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  1. I'm so sorry to read about your loss. You're right, it's not something that's talked about often enough and women are too frequently expected to somehow just "get over it". Your tattoo is beautiful and a lovely way to remember your little one.