Monday, February 15, 2016

Wow- been awhile- update

Ok well people I am so sorry its has been forever.

So last October things in the industry were looking very sad and we actually thought we may lose our position with Zed's company. We are the Biggest expat family within our company and they were looking at cutting cost's-so naturally we  Zed thought he would be the first in the chopping block. I however have so much belief in my Husbands ability and work ethic, and lets be honest here I am defiantly the positive one in this outfit-He says he is a realist but sometimes he can be slightly on the negative side. 

ANYHOW-So in November we finally found out the company was closing the office in Borneo where we have called home for over 4 years The real "home" our 3 beautiful boys have really known or remember. BUT we still had a job! We would be shifted to Jakarta - The BIG SMOKE. 

This was going to happen anyway (we hoped) as the school the boys attend had informed us they were closing in June (end of the school year). So we were hoping to see out the last 6 months with all our friends and farewell all together but it wasn't meant to be. So after all the organising and jumbling around got school applications in, we got the packers in, got our stuff sent to Jakarta  and went on Christmas holidays all with in 4-6 weeks. Expat life! 

We were all really excited about the school. It is a BIG international school, the kids can for the first time play team sports and play against other teams, not to mention what activities are on offer. 

So the Kids have all been at school now for 5 weeks and are loving the activities, sports, and ALL the kids. 

My next blog will be talking about small intimate school compared to Huge massive school. 

X Mumma T

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