Friday, November 25, 2011

about us and the move from australia

Well This being my first entry I'm not sure where to start really.

So we are a fairly normal family of 5, including me Natasha, i am a 30ish year old who is very LOUD, out spoken, opinionated, and sometime rude mum. I have 3 very beautiful boys, twins, Boof and master T, who are 5. And the youngest of our bunch is Buddha who is nearly 1.

Last but not least is my amazing husband Zed, who is a 30 something smart, intelligent, beautiful, somewhat quiet person. (yes totally opposites you can see some great blogs coming cant you ?)

So we live, correction lived in a beautiful part of Australia, north Qld yep cowboys, croc's and lots of flies oh there are some good things there too, some great family and friends, the reef, car cruises, and umm that's about it.
So we have been living in a motel in Borneo, Indonesia for the past 2 weeks. Lets go back to how all this started,

Zed has worked all over the place, including some mines in Australia, Antarctica looking after some machines and Indonesia. he was working over here for a little over a year and finished up around 19 months ago. We were all planning on moving over then but we fell pregnant with our youngest Buddha, when i was pregnant i was so so so sick that the doctor told me he was not letting me move to Indonesia so that stopped that.

so then about 2 months ago Zed gets a phone call from a guy that use to be his boss years and years ago who is now an international recruiting guy asking if he was keen on heading back over, if so he had the perfect job in town hardly any travel and all expenses paid bar food.
Wow this could get us heaps ahead in such a short amount of time, so obviously we took the job, it was a hard move with 3 little men, and the flight over wasn't crash hot with them either but we made it.

So all bags packed, air freight shipped a week and half before us, and we are on our way to the airport with the 3 mothers, (i have 2 mothers as my mum is a lesbian but that's a story for anther blog) we get into the airport my mum already bawling, then time to go threw the gates oh wow tears anyone say a river? lol everyone was crying except the 3 lil men who had no idea why everyone was so upset, boof says to me "mummy why is grandma talking funny?" lol "because mate grandma is sad she wont see us everyday" so that sad goodbye over and out of the way on the plane we get well the first one anyway.

stay tuned for part 2 coming soon

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