Sunday, November 27, 2011

part 2, them air flight to borneo

OK so i left off where we were just getting on our first plane, well i thought it was going to be fairly easy to fly with the kids, we booked flight for the times we thought Buddha would sleep and packed the twins loads of games and book plus the games and movie on the plane.

well we had a baby that just wanted to walk around the plane, and 2 boys that were not the slightest bit interested in the games or movies its a little flight to Brisbane then 10 hours to Singapore- i must say they were pretty good, even i was over planes by the end of it so i could understand how they felt...

so next stop in Singapore, i tried my hardest to spend some money on myself but the only people that spent anything were the kids they had saved up $200 each over the past few months and went wild in the massive toys are us store.

so 1 day in Singapore then onto Borneo we go.
we arrived in Borneo and were greeted by surprise by Zed's new boss and partner at our hotel front desk. first meeting i think i came over somewhat quiet, and maybe shy only cause i was OVER being in confined spaces and on planes

so up to our hotel room which would be our home for a few weeks. So far so good.

Zed straight to work on the Monday WOW what was i to do ??? well the first week i was shown around by a few people that i knew here already plus my new friend super W, she is awesome very much like myself but smarter.... so we got loads done we shopped, we checked out our house's that hadn't even started to be renovated yet, we enrolled the twins in school, lots done!
although we had dramas with everything we did, school well that was a mess around and a half but all sorted yay!

some funny stuff to come in the next one stand by :


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