Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BORNEO and our new LIFE

Welcome to BORNEO, where ex pat's relax and get pampered for like hardly any coin.
Right so we are living in a hotel room,SMALL hotel room, 3 bedroom but TINY. We have our HOTEL meals paid for, our laundry done and room made up everyday. Sure SOUND great huh, maybe for a single person or couple would be fantastic but with 2 five yr olds and a nearly 12 mth old its not so great at all.

BUT, we have found 2 massive shopping malls with "timezone" type places in them games galore, we have found a family hush run on Tuesdays 4 k's my boys did this week so proud of them, and they will do swimming tues and Thursdays.

Its really hard to get into a routine in a hotel room, and we have holidays coming up hmmmm will be interesting.

So back to the ummmm pampering: So we have tried numerous times to be pampered but something ALWAYS comes up, i need a babantu ( a house keeper). So Dr Wendy and i tried to have a pedicure last week at the local salon at a big 4 story mall here, we took Buddha (he was asleep in the pram) great so this will work, but we just sit down and bamm wake up time, then all he wanted to do was run around trying to hold him on my lap screaming wriggling, chucking a mental so that was that sorry have to go, paid full price for something that i didn't even get the good bit to. :(

Rito, so Sunday ...... def pampering day Zed home gal's ready to go to majesties (the place we have be wanting to go since we arrived) so Zed and the other hubby's playing golf at 1, 9 holes they'll be done by 3.30pm then us gals going to get rubbed, pressed, and most of all PAMPERED with NO children, well as just like the other weeks NOTHING go's as planned and the golf club had no carts, so they had to walk so yep u guessed it they were going to take ages longer, so Mr D Dr Wendys parntner said oh you gals go ill baby sit as long as Buddha doesn't poop ill be good well thats ok cause he pooped this morning, hmmmm the house is full with 10 kids, a chicken cooking in the oven and bridesmaids the movie on tv bahahaha House hubby came to mind.

But seriously what man would do that? MR D that's who, but I'm sure next time golf is offered he will choose to play. :)
to be continued ... oh the funny part is yet to come :)

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