Sunday, December 4, 2011

Toilet paper issues

OK so iv seen a squatter toilet last time i was here, in the airport that's all they had.

BUT when you go to the malls, you kind of forget where you are, like I'm talking BSB mall is 4 stories high has 2 kids play grounds a video arcade, movie theaters in English, and loads of shops.

So we were up stairs in this massive department store (like grace brothers ) and Buddha was asleep, and master T says i need to go to the toilet, rito well i left the Nappie bag and Buddha with Dr Wendy and went down 2 floors to the toilet with master T and  Boof, they each went in a cubical, and i hear "mum, can you pass me some toilet paper?" i reply "sure bud" OK so here i am with a cleaner watching me search every cubical for paper ( they have a full time cleaner in each toilet they never leave the toilet crazy huh but more on this later) and yep u guessed it NO PAPER...hmmmm what to do , no nappy bag, ummm yep GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so there was the hummmmm hose option or just pull em up and ride it out, well if he used the hose how was i to dry him with no toilet paper? so i say "bud just pull up your undies and shorts and we will sort it later " hahahaha omg poor little bugger.

SO we learnt a lesson on this day, NEVER i SAID NEVER go to the toilet even if it looks western without toilet paper,wipes or tissue!!!!

Now i know why all the Lady's have massive rolls of toilet paper in their hand bags :)

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