Thursday, December 1, 2011

beauty gone BAD.......the ex pat way

So Us 4 gal's in the car on our way to an amazing beauty/massage parlour whist the hubbys are out golfing and poor Mr D is baby sitting 10 kids whilst watching bridesmaids and looking after a chicken in the oven hahahaha.

So we turn up at Majesties and WOW Ive never seen so many cars, it was like a parking lot at a footy game- absolutely packed so Mrs A went in to see how long it would be 2 hour wait-now that is a lot considering that the place is huge and 3 stories high, so well that was a let down, OK where else OK leonds yeah ill ring says Mrs L, yep great lets head there.
so leonds car park was full, so we parked maybe 2 shops down oh wow its a beauty salon, awesome there window made them sound awesome lets try there.
SOOOOO not the best idea iv never had facial before but this was absolute shit, the crap she put on my face made me gag, she nearly tore of my eye lids, and burn my face "awesome" OK so after facial is a hair spa, OK so the other gals had had this already and instead of coming right out and saying NO don't do it oh maybe we don't have time they say so silly me oh OK make it quick.....

so after sitting thinking my hair was going to all fall out i cut the hair spa short and went in to see how long Dr Wendy would be meanwhile Mrs L and A were chillin in the car laughing about how shit it was!
so Dr Wendy comes out nearly crying how she was going to be sick had all that funky shit in her ears and up her nose hahahaha i was still trying to pick it out of my nose and ears 4 house later.

so lesson learnt ONLY GO TO MAJESTIES from now on if you can get in WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

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