Monday, December 5, 2011


OK thought we were doing really well the only one of us that has been sick is Daddy Zed, the runs, then backed up for over a week then he decided to eat this shifty GOAT from the side of the road in the middle of know where  on the way to a mine to see if that would help, yep i am man hear me roar comes to mind YUK !
Anyway so he UN clogged himself then we had Boof not feeling well when i picked him up from school, we made it to the hotel and Boof says to me "mum quick i need to get out of the car" so i hurried him out of the car and just as he steps out of the car YEP you guessed it POWER spew in the middle of the driveway, the porter and security guys were standing there, poor Boof so sick, then we move over to the garden "hey bud in the garden" a bit of practise for later life i thought :) and then before we reach the garden yep you guessed it power spew number 2 in the driveway- so we made it up stairs and he slept and spewed all night.

2 nights later Master T up at 12 vomiting in the toilet high temps, sore tummy POOR little guys.
Then yep you guessed it Buddha, 1 night after that Sky rocketing high temps, wouldn't eat and started this BARK and massive wheeze, so we asked around the ex pats for a doc and got the number of a lovely nurse that runs the ex pat clinic.
i was very apprehensive to what i was going to walk in to, being a border line 3rd world country i was expecting to walk into a hospital with people on stretches in the hall ways and really dirty etc etc.....
BUT we got better medical care than at home, the hospital was great, the facilities were great and the service and attention was A1. i could not fault it at all!
So back to Buddha, after seeing 2 doctors we settled on bronchitis! i was ultra worried as last time he had it we were in hospital for 2 weeks, but the doctor said i had been doing everything right so far, so we persevered over night he got way worse and so we went back and had some physio done, got lent a nebuliser  and i did that for 2 nights and he improved so much then he cut 2 top teeth. so big week for little Buddha! (and mummy) I'm exhausted..... Next i finally get to go to Majesties woot woot

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