Wednesday, March 21, 2012


About 2+ years ago "zed" got a great opportunity to work in Indonesia on a 5 week on and 2 week off roster, we were happy with this as a short term arrangement until he was sure he liked his job and it was SAFE for boof, master T and I to all join him.

I went to where he was for a visit they had given him a house for all of us to live and all of these arrangement were being made for us to join him.  We had discussed the benefits for the WHOLE family, the twin would see amazing things and learn a culture that they ordinarily wouldn't have the option too.

We had been trying to have a baby for a few months but with zed away so often it wasn't working for us, so we had forgotten about it and kind of put it to the side........ When I became ill..... Yep that's right pregnant!!!! WHAT TIMING!!!!

I was very very ill with the twin and it was going that way again. Put in hospital a few time and the doctor said YOU ARE NOT MOVING TO INDONESIA!!!!!

Everyone at the site zed was at said the same thing "if you want a healthy wife and baby not a good idea to move there"

Because we couldn't be apart zed found a job back home and we stayed. We decided for the health of our baby that it was the best thing not to move and we have a beautiful baby boy "Buddha" that we may have not had if we moved.

So "Buddha" is nearly one when zed gets a call from a guy he knows that was asking him if he would be interested to move to Indonesia again with the family for a wonderful job option in a main city there. So we talked and talked about the good points and bad, the sacrifices we ALL would have to make and the benefits we would ALL receive. so we decided after having a family meeting that it would be great to get ahead then zed could work in town when we came back and be home every night with the family and we wouldn't have so many bills etc.

So if you have read my blogs you would know that in November we made the move and it has been interesting and sometimes difficult but it’s been basically good! EXCEPT with the Australian dollar we are not getting paid anywhere near what we thought we would and we have had greater outlays to what we thought we would. So we are just cruising basically.

So our first Holiday home, and we have caught up with all our friends and family, and been doing what we use to, and life was pretty good except zed being away 4 nights out of 8. But all in all it was pretty good we have a nice house, a nice car, and a boat.

OK so Buddha had no idea who anyone was, grandma, both Nana's, friends no one. The boys missed family and their best mate K.O.! So we are home for a few days and get "mum and daddy do we have to go back to Indonesia?" "we like Australia much more better" so with that you feel as a parent that you made the wrong choice, but when they are in Indonesia they love it, they are growing as little people, they are a lot more educated on different things and they can now speak Indonesia.

I know I'm a good mum, and make decisions usually based on the kids and whets best for them and I know when we do return to Indonesia in less than a week they will catch up with their friends and start back at school and will be fine! :)

I think all parents could agree that sometimes it’s difficult to think that certain choices could affect their whole life and you as parents are solely responsible for that .....

Take care keep smiling and hugging those beautiful children.

PS sorry it’s been so long between blogs but we had no Internet for 3 weeks before we left Indonesia and then travelling BUT I'm hoping that when we return our net will be fixed !!!!!

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