Monday, February 27, 2012


OK, so after my blog about our accident I realized I hadn't had a blab about What the driving is like here!!!! Then I got to thinking WELL how do I explain it, words can’t really explain it but I will try.

So when we came to Indonesia we had to share a driver while we waited for hours, A lot of the time people say "its better if you just don't look" these drivers are trained and have been living here their whole lives so they know what they are doing.
So we get our new car and our own driver so I had no need to drive, Zed had driven a few times on Sundays and such, with me in the passenger’s seat saying "oh watch that scooter, ahh babe, oh , ahhh, oh watch that" which no doubt pissed him off!!!!!!

When we moved into our house our driver was sick so I had to drive Zed to work and take the car WOW I was nervous to say the least, you have to dodge scooters on each side in front and watch them at the back. Beeps here there and everywhere telling you "hey I'm here watch out" I could seriously be rally driver when we come home and dodge trees instead of scooters (and that no exaggeration ).

You have whole families on one scooter and children don't wear helmets!!!!!! 

White lines on the road mean absolutely nothing, traffic lights sometimes do and sometimes don't, roundabouts work totally different, and zebra crossings mean "Go when you can without being run over because no one will stop" , people just swerve from this lane to that, no blinkers ahhhh its so crazy to drive here the first few times!
And then there are these little guys who are everywhere they sell toys, balloons, candy and such. So I hope that this has showed you what it is like to drive over here and possibly why a scooter ran into the back of us ( cause some of them are crazy riders) Oh and FYI if there is an accident between a car and scooter the car is always at fault no matter the situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
How bad is that!!!!

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