Sunday, April 1, 2012


I think every parent can relate to this one.

I thought I was so lucky, the twins use to eat so well and quickly, and then BOOM all of a sudden we have to nag, and it takes like hours to finish a meal, you know they should eat it, and you know they haven’t had enough......BUT seriously how far do you have to go?

I came across this website today, it’s a site that shows you how you can make your kids food fun.
They also sell things to help you achieve this like shaped cutters that you can use for sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cheese, and moulds for boiled eggs. Lunch boxes you get the idea.

Ok so I’m a pretty TOUGH mum, when it comes to eating and health being from back ground of fitness this makes sense. if I make something good for the kids to eat they eat it, I don’t fart around and try and make it fun or “play” with food, they eat what I put in front of them and all of it, I wouldn’t give them more than they needed and I wouldn’t give them something gross. So is this bad parenting, is it too tough?
I believe that that is why my kids aren’t picky, I have let them leave the table without finishing but that means nothing more to eat or drink that night and no treats, junk or fizzy the following day.

I feel so sorry for the mothers that have really picky children, I am not sure I could cope. But hopefully some of you will get some help on kids lunches from

We have friends of ours that little boys would only eat sausages and chips pretty much, oh and strawberry milk. This went on for A LONG time then they started dishing him up other foods (little bits) and if he didn’t try it or eat it they would put it in the fridge and if he got hungry later that’s what he would be offered NOTHING else, I have heard of this a couple times before and it seems to have worked for him. YAY!

So when I saw this website today my first thought was OMG who has the time? Then my second thought was shouldn’t kids just eat because their hungry and know the importance of good food? Then I thought oh how cool is that I want to do that!!! Ha ha ha

 I do know mothers out there that would do this every day, so I hope some of you are reading my blog!!!!

Since moving to Indonesia (as you know if you have read my blog previously) its very hard to get certain foods here, bread, eggs are not the greatest, yogurt, wholemeal or wholegrain is not available :(
So its been really hard to do the boys lunches, i a very fussy when it comes to everyday eating for the children, so i will be using some of these ideas for the next term of school.
Then on the other hand i can imagine that some children would get use to it everyday and not eat normal or plain food.

I’d like you to share your children’s eating habits and problems and how you fixed them with us, comment below, can’t wait to read some J


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