Monday, June 4, 2012


So it’s been awhile- SORRY! We are all great!!! It’s been raining lots here in Borneo.

My husband is back from nearly a month in Germany whilst I stayed in Borneo and kept the house running.
Not only were we all missing him like crazy, Buddha was teething he broke 2 teeth while Zed was away... horrendous nappy rash, fevers, crying and no sleeping.
Boof was sick for a week as well, doctors, school pickups during the middle of the days and I didn’t have anyone to come home and "winge" too. :(

All I can say is thank God I have some great friends here in Borneo or I would have been a basket case!

But on the upside MILK has been readily available - as you know that would make my life so much better :)

I have really missed my dog- my friends and family this past month have been home sick.

Zed loves his job and there are great new big things coming his way so he is so excited!
Some days I just feel like I’m just existing, not living. I’m sure we all have these days!

I thought maybe if I study something I might feel like I’m accomplishing something? There is no stimulation when you are an ex pat wife, like (work/learning/business) stimulation, so it gets a bit boring, there is heaps to do, coffee mornings, parties, dinner etc but Boring on the brain side of things.

But i'm trying to focus on my family and having quality time together.


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