Tuesday, June 12, 2012

School holidays

Ok wow well we are half way through this year already it’s flown by!

My twins have a whole month off school so I am on the lookout for some fun school holiday activities for them to do.

I have found out that there is an ice skating rink, (not sure if they have received their skates yet). There is the water park which we know very well. Hopefully there will be a few kids’ movies out at the movie theater. (Movies are so cheap here)

The local early learning centre runs a holiday program for children 18mth-7years so that should be great for them arts and crafts a couple of days a week.

Here there are 2 main ex-pat schools, the Australian one and the American one, the American one has broken up for summer holidays for over 2 months and most families have their breaks these school holidays so I thought there would be no one here. But have since found out that heaps of families are staying!

Anyway- I don’t ever remember having 1 month off in June/July holidays when I was at school and def not 2 months over Xmas! These kids these days spend more time at home than at school. Maybe that is why they have to send SO much homework home! :)

 Happy Holidays xxx

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