Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Xmas and new year borneo style

Right so we moved into our new house!!! yay!
Its huge, plenty of room for the 5 of us! the layout is awesome! i have this whole room that is my pantry, I'm sure every other country does things on a ginormous scale but Australia!!!!!

anyway more on that later!
So Christmas was excellent! we had Zed's mum, grandad and grandma here from Australia, we had some great friends come to our house from here.
The boys were spoilt rotten - they got bikes which Daddy had to construct in the middle of the shop cause they had done them wrong, they got Nerf guns, clothes, DS's thanks to Santa Dr Wendy for picking them up in the states. oh and a Foosball table that we have been having plenty of family competitions on!
Zed and i got new bike as well and i got a new canon camera and have been clicking away since !
So i found the only HAM in balikpapan i think and it was awesome- have been looking for one ever since and can not get one! (Muslim country hard to find real ham, pork or bacon)
S all us ex pats enjoyed the "real" ham and i cooked this massive 6.6kilo turkey, Zed made his famous garlic prawns, and we had yep beetroot!!!!! YUUUUMMMMM!!!!

So xmas day was a huge success and new years was awesome they have traditions here! corn and fish on new years!

So the few days leading up to new years eve and the streets are lined with stalls and stalls of fresh fish and corn on the cobs.
OH AND STALLS AND STALLS OF FIREWORKS !!!!! FIREWORKS FIREWORKS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say that we bought massive amounts of fireworks-and let them off on xmas and new years there the only days you can let them off and not get into trouble!

so the boys have really settled in here, they are excited to start school and can not wait for there friends to come back from holidays! The holidays have been lots of bike riding, swimming, playing at the local game parlour. We went to the water park last weekend it has massive slides and stuff but the water didn't look so great so that's off our list next time but the kids had a great time although i wasn't game to put Buddha in as he was too little to have the injections we all had to combat the viruses you get from the water here! BUT there is apparently a better water park which we are going t find this weekend! :)

Tash x

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