Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BEING A WOMAN - SUCKS SOMETIMES-caution may offend some readers

Ok so being a woman has its perks, we get to experience a baby growing in our bellies (mean while loosing our bodies), and we have a bond with our child that can never be matched by anything.... BUT sometimes the bad things seriously out way the good.

I had to go to the doctor the other day to get a depo shot in my butt (contraception) and had been being pestered by y mum to have a pap smear as I haven’t had one since the twins were born and as you know they are nearly 6 whoops!

So the doctors had this special "think pink" 850,000 RP you got a pap smear, a mammogram, an internal examination. So I had a talk to the doctor as I had some irregularities in my cycle and she suggested having the "THINK PINK". So I had to come back at 3pm for an ultra sound (breast implants cannot go in the mammogram press) then had a pap smear. So after the very uncomfortable procedures I’m done. The doctor says because of my family history I should have Pap smear every year.... WHAT???

OK OK yes iv had children naturally, and I had like 10 people looking at me while having the twins you think I’d be over being embarrassed about someone looking at my cervix but NO it never gets any more comfortable. I must say but the blood test I had I hardly felt the Indonesians are so gentle, the ultrasound lady all I could think was "is she just making conversation with me cause she is uncomfortable" lol and the doctor that did the pap smear was gentle as well BUT it doesn’t make me feel better.

I don’t see everyone telling any men that I know that they have to go get their testicles checked every year, and even if they did that is nowhere near as intrusive as what we have to deal with.

So tell me who should get "fixed" man or woman?
Now I’ve looked at this in a very unbiased manor and I believe us woman have put up with enough embarrassing moments and been violated enough and it is very safe for men to get "the snip" these days just a lunch time procedure. ;)

Well thats my little vent about that hahaha.
Tash x

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