Wednesday, April 11, 2012

chats with my driver

Well I have some great very open conversations with my driver, I am very inquisitive of a lot of things that I don’t understand.

Fridays is a HUGE deal here, it prey day, and if there is one thing you can do for your staff on Friday’s is let them go prey at 12.30. All the offices have extended lunch breaks and it is imperative that they go and prey.

So it occurred to me one day I only see men go to prey on Fridays, my maid never had asked to go, so I ask my driver, "why doesn’t my maid every want to go prey on Fridays?" he replies "because only men prey on Fridays Mrs." immediate response was "why" well he had no idea why, and it seem to me that a lot of what Muslims do regarding religion is just because that’s how and what they have been taught, they don’t know why and they don’t care.

So another thing I asked him was, "how does the community look at woman that don’t act the way they should?" His reply was amazing "we don’t judge Mrs., god will do that later" pretty much summed it up for me, if you believe in god any god doesn’t matter, then you shouldn’t judge people, God is the only one who has seen what they have been threw and the path they have walked, so it’s not up to anyone else to think they know.

My driver once said to me "Mrs. I notice you are always respectful to the Indonesia culture" he continues " you never wear short clothes and are covered up respectfully" well this is a HUGE compliment coming from a Muslim who's wife wears the burker, it made me feel really good that someone had noticed that I was and will always dress respectfully when I go out in the community!
I also try to speak quietly when around them and speak positively. BECAUSE WHEN IN ROME......

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