Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pampering Gone wrong ...well then right

Ok so last week I "think" I found some grey hair, and I had not died my hair since being here in Indonesia, so I say to Zed "right that’s it I’m going to try to colour my hair" I have had several friends have theirs cut and coloured and it was a disaster, only because they don’t work with westerners hair, they have such different hair to us and they are great with that!

So a friend said to me I had a cut at majesties and he was good. By good she ment she didn’t end up with a very short mullet cut as one of our other mums did. SO off I went ok ill have it coloured just medium brown how hard could that be??? hmmmm

So I walk in and there is 2 parts to the salon the main salon where I was, then there is a door way going threw to another one for woman that wear burkers 9not sure of the spelling) and such, I thought how good is that that people accept difference that well...???

First the cut AWESOME just what I wanted, then on went the colour, then off came the colour and started drying it "oh no, I’m multi coloured" the first 4 inches was orangish, and then the bottom was exactly the colour I wanted..... And in his defense I know why this happened was because I had die in the bottom of my hair and the top was "new" hair... but all good he said come back I fix for free.

Ok so went back in and he wasn’t there, oh he will be 30 mins ok well ill treat myself to a mani and pedi while I wait...... nice!

So he came in and re coloured now it’s pretty close to perfect (as close as I think I’ll get here)

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