Sunday, January 22, 2012

out and about borneo style

We go to a pub/restaurant called yulis here, it is right on the ocean and is owned by some of the nicest people we have met in Borneo, Bill and Yuli!

So Bill owns a couple of boats and is right into fishing so he asked Daddy Zed to go one weekend shortly after we arrived and please take Boof, and master T, Buddha is too little yet, because they go right out to the reef from like 1.30 -7pm onwards.

So the 3 BIG boys went out and went fishing came home knackered but they had a great time and caught some fish = win.

We were at Yulis the following week and and Bill came up to me and said "those boys of yours were so well behaved, polite and awesome fun. They are welcome on my boat anytime"

I love hearing things like that - make all the hard work and nagging seem worth it. Give you reassurance that what you are doing as a parent is working!

So the 3 Big boys have been out quiet a few time on Bills boat, so last week we decided to buy them their own rods, so we went to this little fishing shop and got them rods, reels, line, tackle box with tackle. VERY HAPPY BOYS!
They have been out 2 times since that and only master T has caught one fish! :(
last week end we set out to go to this amazing water park, Caribbean island water park, sound amazing, OK so we got there and anj a family friends sister we took said this isn't where we came the one we went to was better than this place, so we went in, the water quality was under average, the slides and stairs sounded and felt like they were going to collapse at any minute, there were people everywhere! the kids had a fun time anyway but we will be finding that other one soon.
We were going to go to the NEW FLASH water park today but it is raining, YES like Zed said to me what does it matter we just going to get wet anyway. But there is thunder and therefore lightning so that is keeping us at home today :(

So my big boys start school tomorrow. wow 5 days a week all day !!! what will i do with myself ha ha Iv had them at home with me for majority of the time for 5 and 1/2 years.They are such smart boys and they are so ready to head to school and start learning big and meeting new friends. they would be starting today but they have a public holiday today for CHINESE NEW YEAR?? hmmm
Zed has this great mate that works over here that he has known for years and year and use to work together and his family are moving over at the end of February so that is very exciting!

AUSTRALIA DAY is this Thursday, public holiday? not here  go figure! anyway we met a great new family on Friday and they having a big do at their house, so very excited for that!

Buddha LOVES his big brothers so much he follows them around and plays blocks and cars with them. and they love him so much in return its beautiful to see some things they do with him!

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