Monday, January 23, 2012

Poor little man

Do you have a child that just gets all the bad luck? I do, master T, poor little man always is the one that gets hurt!

when he was 2 he was playing at grandma and Nana's and they have bessa block walls and the window sill in the lounge is really low and has a ledge on it on the inside they have long curtains that were closed at the time and they sat a bean bag in front of the window.

Master T was running and jumped on the bean bag on his tummy and whacked the window ledge with his forehead- 2 glues, and 5 stitches later and he has a scar on his forehead (this is how most people tell him apart from boof head.

We live on an acre back in Australia, so we have a little fire pit up the back (which the boys know not to go near) but this one day master T must have had a brain fart or something and decided to step in the hot coals he was 3 at this stage, so a trip to emergency and bandaging with cream for days and he recovered well, thanks to daddy's quick thinking, he picked him straight up and put his feet in the pool!!! :)

The boys are amazing on their quad's, little 4 wheeler motorbikes, they are such good riders except for this one day Tyler decided it might be a good idea to go up the hill on the side :( so the bike tipped and fell on top of him!!!! no damage done at all not even a scratch but he was a bit scared after that!

Last Night, day before the first day of school and the boys were riding back from the pool on their push bikes and master T decided to go over the speed bump 100 mile an hour and as i was driving behind i comeover the hill and here he is bike in the middle of the road and he up on the grass screaming mummy mummy. so put him and the bike in the car and drove home, A MESS he was. Taken massive chunks out of his knee, grazed his other on and grazed all up his tummy :( lucky he was wearing a helmet!!!!!!!!
So nearly a trip to hospital for a scrub and maybe stitches but mummy and daddy cleaned it up good!

So is there a pattern UMMM WELL YES I'M A BAD MOTHER!!!! pfft... NOT
I don't wrap my kids up in cotton wool, i let them actually get out and do stuff!!!! we teach our kids the best we can but only they can do it once they know how, we have to let go of the bike at some point :)

Thanks for reading
Tash x

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