Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Supermarkets, shopping centres, pool, school, getting in or out of the car, at home THEY happen everywhere.....TANTRUMS!!!!!!!

We all know every kids throws tantrums, any mother that tells you their child has never is a LIAR!!!
 it is just the scale of the tantrum that is different.

A friend of mine once told me a story, she was in this very busy shopping mall i think just before xmas, her husband worked away and she had no family where they lived. So she was in this shopping centre with her twins who were close to 1, and her eldest who was maybe 3, and he didn't want to put shoe's on and chucked what sounded like the biggest tantrum ever in the middle of this shopping centre, so here she was with a pram with twins in it a child laying on the floor kicking legs screaming and crying .... WHAT TO DO?

She just tried talking to him but Sometimes you just cant compromise with a 3 year old. so she did what any good mother would do and said I'm going bye.... and started to walk off knowing very well he would follow when he knew she was actually leaving and she said the looks of disgrace she got from other mothers was phenomenal she said so many were looking at her and him shaking their heads, and giving her foul looks.

Obviously their children are perfect and have never thrown a tanty... pfft what ever!
I remember thinking how rude, if it were me id have looked at that mum and smiled and said something like, it happens to all of us and they do eventually grow out of it I'm told " and made that mum feel a little less embarrassed!

So i was riding with my boys the other day and there was this little boy who looked maybe 3-4 screaming and crying in the middle of the road, not far away was his maid following him telling him to come back inside, his response was NO!!!! and STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!!! bahahaha this went on for a good 15 Minutes, sorry but it was a laughing matter!!!

Then at the pool the other day this little girl was told time to go, well she didn't want to and made it clear to maybe the whole of balikpapan it went on for a good 15-20 min as well! I don't have to tell you if that was my kid she would be banned from the pool for a frigging week !!!

I have a great friend who when her little boy was 3 or 4 would get so hysterical when throwing tantrums they would have to put him in a cold shower to calm him down! nothing else worked for him time outs, taking toys, talking to him, nothing so try different things kids aren't all the same!

i think I'm quiet lucky, don't get me wrong iv had my fair share of tanty and still do, usually that boof got something that master t didn't, or master T got to watch more telly or they not sharing ahhhhhh BUT my littlest one throws the best by far!!! Buddha will make it very clear when he wants or doesn't want something, yesterday i was sitting on the lounge room floor trying to write an email WELL he wanted to hit the computer after saying very sternly NO a few hundred time's i moved him onto the step away from me, well the tears rolled, and then he stopped and came over to me and hit me, well i moved him away again and said NO! so he drops to the floor kicking his legs around, flinging his body everywhere for about 5 minutes.

Finally he stops and gets up and decides he gong down stairs to play still crying a little he walks to the top of the stairs and starts again hitting the wall well slipped and tumbled down about 6 steps, well didn't i feel like the worst mother in the world, so up jumps boof, then me, then master T all to check on Buddha, and he was screaming, the fall scared him more than being hurt but still anytime your child cries it tears your heart apart. S we are sitting at the dinner table last night and i tell Zed, chaise tumbled down nearly all of the stairs today all because he was chucking a tanty, and chaise looks up from his high chair with corn everywhere and giggle with this cheeky smile on his face ! he knew exactly what we were talking about! ha ha

A supermum i know recently had as her status on facebook "i now understand why some animals eat their young" hahahaha loved it

So moral of this blog lol is don't worry if you have a tanty throwing child in a shop- look around there is probably 5 mothers there that have had it before ! :) so keep smiling and just walk away! hahahahaha

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