Thursday, January 19, 2012

Over protective or just Smart?

OK so ALOT of people tell me I'm an over protective parent ... are they right or am i just being a mum?

So lets look at some statistics : 2008 - 2009 there were 350,000 cases of child abuse and neglect in Australia, now that was just reported cases and as it is well known MOST child abuse cases are not reported.
When we talk about sexual child abuse it is sad to say that most perpetrators are known and trusted by the child and parents, may even be in a position of power or authority, have easy access to children, and often have the trust of a child. They can be parents, grandparents, defacto or step-partners, older brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, neighbours, teachers, childcare workers, babysitters or leaders in organizations such as sporting clubs and churches.\
We hear all too often about people in positions like mentioned above hurting our children.

OK then we talk about neglect, or physical or emotional abuse of a child, so the main perpetrators in this case is parents and then grand parents. WOW i was blown away with this,  but ill get to my emotional ramble further on.
only this week did we hear about a British mother left her 6 year old home alone for 5 day to fend for her self.
In Australia a mother agreed to starving her 5 children when they moved in with family, they were so starved that one of her little boys aged 5 passed out and was found to have a serious head injury later in hospital. How you ask can a MOTHER stand by and watch this happen to her children, little human beings that she carried and gave birth too? But we hear it all too often!

In bunderberg in 2010 a 8 year old girl was found in a drain, dead. A 19 year old friend of the parents was found to have broken into their home over night and taken the little girl and killed her.

We have numerous stories of teens killing other teens just to see what it feels like.

NOW THE RANTING BEGINS: OK seriously what the HELL are we doing to our children? is it bad parents having kids? is it video games that makes it OK to kill, bash and steal? Is it The movies that we allow our children to watch that desensitizes them or should they just know the difference and that that is bad behaviour and the wrong thing to do? We call them baddies but to kids they are glorified, in the world at the moment people are praised and rewarded for doing the wrong thing. hmm lets look at this for a minute:

A 14 year old Australian boy go's to Bali, he apparently has a known marijuana problem and gets caught buying pot! WOW OK so this is after the Bali 9, and when you get into Bali there are signs EVERYWHERE about drugs, shapell corby, hmmm Has this kids and his parents been under a rock for umm 10 years? i think not. So this 14 year old is now getting paid for his and parents story about his ordeal.... fair? i think NOT!

Boat people, don't fill in paper work and don't line up and proceed through the correct channels but when they arrive in Australia are moved to the front of the line, given health care, accommodation, a phone card, tv, computers, games and food. hmmm a pattern?

Right so now how do we teach our children that bad people that break the law and hurt people are punished? our Justis systems don't show that at all most offenders get slaps on the wrist's.

We have all these people that really want children that would give anything to have healthy children to love and treat right, when other people can have children abuse them and keep having them. they make it so hard and costly to adopt children that not many people can do it. We have all these great abused children sitting in "the system" waiting for a GOOD life and the authorities make it just TOO hard for that to happen.

So i freak out if i cant see my kids at a play ground, water park, riding around, shopping centers, the pub, i don't like them staying at peoples house's, doesn't matter who it is (except grandparents) i hate it when daddy takes them fishing on the reef (not that he doesn't look after them just cause I'm not there IF something happened) YES I'm over protective but seriously can you blame me?

It takes one bad decision, one second and they could be gone forever.
BUT they are by no means cotton wool babies, i let them do the roughest things kids do i just like to be there watching !

OK so in the past week or so i have heard some really sad stories about families loosing young children!
So Kim received a phone call from her sister in law that said I'm taking my kids camping for the weekend do you want me to take your girls? Kim rang her husband and he said yeah they should have a great time.
so she kept in contact with them all weekend and they were having a great time with their aunt and cousins.
On Sunday she got a phone call from her eldest daughter saying auntie is not driving right she is all over the road, she cant talk and is shaking, Kim asked her daughter to explain where they were the husband set of to where they were while Kim rang 911, but they were both too late the aunt had driven up a off ramp and ran head on into a 4x4 killing everyone in the car bar her son! later it was released that her blood alcohol limit was 4x the limit and she was off her face on pot!
So i ask you who do we trust with our children?
Part 2 to come (after iv calmed down a bit) :)

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