Tuesday, February 21, 2012


OK so last week i was advised by a doctor that i should have surgery on my knee ASAP, i had a fall just after Xmas and it aggravated a old injury and all the stairs in this house wasn't helping.
So it became so sore that i couldn't use it to walk up stairs i was favouring my left leg. couldn't get up from the ground without it hurting, and don't even think about doing a squat (which sometime is difficult to advoid being in this country if you get what i mean) or lunges....OUCH!!!!!!

So i had to have this arthroscope surgery to perform a lateral release. so my knee cap could then get back on track.

So i contacted SOS, and they said "oh we will arrange everything" BAHAHAHA they rang me about everything oh this isn't happening etc etc we cant do this so i ended up ring the insurance and sorting that over a few frustrating days, i had to contact the surgeon, and the hospital. i also had to arrange flights and accommodation.

So after spending nearly 1 whole week organising what i thought would be organised for me and fighting with insurance and whom ever else, i get the go ahead.....only one problem shit the kids.... OK well the twins were fine they wanted to stay at 2 friends house and we know them really well so they were done. BUT Buddha well he too little to stay away from mummy and who with.... so daddy will have to come.... hmmm

So after a discussion well yeah discussion with my lovely husband we decided he had no choice but to come with me and bring Buddha. (he rally wasn't happy )

So we fly to Singapore see the surgeon who tells me "wow you are really lucky you are having this done now as you have lost so much muscle in this leg already from favoring the other one... "

So surgery time comes I'm crapping myself ,when you have 3 children and a hubby that is your life things like this are hard to do, what if you don't wake up?

anyway, asleep, wake up wow its painful, physio comes in like 2 hours after surgery to do some physio already..... so first few hours it hurt but after that it was great, was walking with NO crutches one day later, no drugs/pain killers at all! and now on Tuesday operation being on Friday I'm walking nearly normal, it hurts less to walk up stairs than it did before i had operation yay!!!!

So we fly home Monday morning, i was so excited to see boof and master T, 4 days is a long time... so i pick them up from school (with the driver) and we are coming home and i hear this big bang noise on the back of the car.... "what was that i say to our driver", he looks in his side mirror and starts rambling in Indonesian....pulls over straight away. to be continued...

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  1. ha!! hope it's feeling better! You looked after me so much when I was crutching about the place!!! OMG it sucks hun xx