Saturday, February 25, 2012



So my driver pulls over and jumps out of the car, leaving me (cripple), master T, boof and Buddha in the car in the middle of a driveway sideways running, and i look behind us and a scooter had ran into the back of our car and the rider was unconscious in the middle of the road, GREAT!!!!

So i call Zed, like 19 times, (i later found out that he was in a meeting) i had no number for office which was only 500 meters up the road but in the state i was in and 3 kids and trying to cross the road and walk was not going to happen.

So this big Indonesian guard for the company that we were parked in the driveway of comes and opens my door talking Indonesian to me, then gesture's for the kids to get out of the car, one of which had no shoes, the car was full of the kids bikes, and bags from staying at a friends house! so I'm attempting to get out of the car with my knee, the guard is getting the kids out then all these guys caring the unconscious rider brings him to my car, loads him in and off go's my car and driver...... :O

So i ring my friend to come and get us, and she came straight away! i have some fantastic friend here in Borneo, these woman have been amazing and so helpful with everything! I'm so lucky!

So then Tuesday, most of Wednesday we have no car, no driver, so i missed the delivery of fresh milk, then on and off all week with no car, or driver its hard enough to get stuff done in this place when you have a driver everyday let alone try and fit it in when you have them maybe 1 day for a week.

But all good should be settling down now and then we go on holidays in 2 weeks !!!!!

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