Saturday, February 25, 2012


A few nights ago the twins were getting ready for bed in their room after a shower, and daddy went and stood out side their door and was listening to their conversation, Boof was telling master T, "don't you know what a download is"? and Master T replied "No, how do you know what it is", "oh i saw it at Miss L's house" replies Boof, Master T replies "oh i didn't see it" Boof says "oh you want me to take a photo of it so you know what it is next time we are at Miss L's?"  Master T "oh yes please"


I was at miss L"s place the other day and there was a little boy (lets call him m7)over from across the street and a few other kids, and one of the little boys were wearing a girls shirt and m7 says oh he looks like a gay.
Miss L says (playing dumb) "oh m7 whats a gay"? m7 replies "oh i cant talk about it, it gross" miss L says "oh OK i don't know what a gay is" to which m7 replies " its where a man and a man do the S word" miss L replies "oh is it?" m7 says "yeah i told you it was gross"


Our friend have recently taken their little sister into their care here (lets call her Miss A), she is from Laos and we were in the car with her and she and another 8 yr old little girl (Miss T)we ad with us were talking about what they were going to be when they grew up. Miss T said "my brother is going to be a pilot" Miss A replies "I'm going to get married and stay at home while my husband works, and then we will have children and ill look after them at home." I say "what if you don't find a husband?" to which Miss A says "i will".
I then say "don't you want to work"? That's not what woman do " she says

You cant blame Miss A cause that is what she See's all us expat wives that stay at home and look after the children, and the men go off to work..... :)

And JUST this morning, the boys were asked to go fishing, its a miserable day raining and dark, so i say "i don't think its a good idea for the twins to go, they will end up with a cold" Master T replies "mum we can take a towel, hey daddy" "and wear long sleeve rashey's" adds Boof.

If you have a funny story that a child has said please comment below id love to hear about it!

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